Christina Threlkeld, Founder & President

The Compassionate Healing Foundation has been a dream of Christina Threlkeld's for many years. As a Licensed Esthetician for over 20 years and Oncology trained in her field and working within Valley Medical Center as an Independent Contractor providing skincare, spa and beauty treatments, she has worked with an extensive amount of women who are facing all types of cancer. For those reasons, she felt called on this mission to give back and help serve as many as possible through this non-profit. Christina recognizes her patients need a stress relieving, hope restoring experience to remind them of their beauty, sustain their confidence and uplift their spirit. This experience allows them to get away from the illness for a few hours and feel the weight of the world disappear. Christina feels cancer patients deserve and need some joy during the journey with compassion and using only the best products that are healing, organic and healthy for them.  Christina believes this is Gods work and we as a compassionate community of human beings must take action and be the helping hands. This meaningful work is truly providing cancer patients a restorative, therapeutic experience where women can unite together during a very difficult and dark time in their lives.  This experience for cancer patients is completely complimentary through the Compassionate Healing Foundation because of the financial and product donations received.  Thankful for anyone who joins us in supporting women who are facing cancer so we can continue to help them be empowered by restorative thoughts, excellent organic products and compassionate care for a positive outcome.